Enhancements, Modifications, And Customization

With rapid advancements in IT, it has become necessary for businesses to adapt accordingly. In the era of agile development, it is imperative to not simply implement SAP solutions but also invest in constant improvement and optimization.

At I2Fit, we realize the inevitability of enhancements and modifications in any ERP non-vanilla implementation project – particularly in cases where it is stipulated by the business operation. Our enhancement and modification services essentially entail customizing or adding features to standard SAP applications to offer a personalized experience to the client.

These are defined as follows, based on SAP Community WIKI:


customization entails developing an application program from scratch, especially in cases where the standard SAP solutions do not cater to the needs of the client.


modification entails making amendments or changes to standard SAP applications to optimize it according to the client’s requirements and their organizational needs.


enhancement entails adding functionality to SAP standard applications without modifying or altering the basic applications.

In short, all these exercises are conducted to attain better performance and agility from SAP and drive greater efficiency to your business. At I2Fit, we have a team of highly experienced SAP specialist who can help you drive greater value from this dynamic platform.

  • Best practices assessment
  • Customizations oriented to improve integration and performance of your current systems, while keeping SAP best practices
  • Identification of critical and potential risks
  • Identify SAP best practices in your business model
  • Process standardization through SAP best practices
  • SAP GRC Access Control AMS
  • SAP performance analysis and optimization (including workshops)
  • SAP Security Assessment
  • SAP System Assessment and Enhancement

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